Sunday, March 31, 2013

How to make sliding doors

How to make sliding doors ... cost $3.70 + shipping of the molding.

you need 1 bamboo placemat.  they come in many colors.  I got this one at the dollar store for $1.00.  You will need (1) 3/8" groove molding. ($2.70 + shipping).

Mark how long and wide you need the sliding door.  Then you need to glue the threads on both sides of the bamboo.  let dry.  If you DO NOT do this the wood pieces will come off.  and you will have a mess.

After the glue dries (I use a small fan to help it dry faster), you can cut the size of door that you need.  than add more glue over the thread on both sides.  Let dry.

Cut 2 pieces of the molding to the size you need.

Paint or stain the 2 pieces of molding.  and let dry.  Glue (1) piece of the molding to the floor.

Set in place the door (bamboo).  DO NOT glue in.

Add top molding.  Only glue to wall.  DO NOT glue to the bamboo.

and you are done.  That was easy.

The bamboo door will slide open and closed from any end. If you are using this in a door way, you can glue one end of the bamboo to one side of the door way.