Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to make a screen door

How to make a screen door.

1 - you need: 

* screen, cut the screen a little bigger than you want the screen door.

* sticks from bamboo placemat.  cut 4 the sides of the screen door.  and cut 4 the top and bottom of the screen door.

 optional: paint the sticks before you start if you want them to be a different color.

* and Aleene's fast grab tacky glue.

2 - take 2 sticks (sides of screen door), glue 1 stick on each side of the screen.  let dry.

3 - repeat for the top of screen.

4 - repeat for the bottom of the screen.

5 - repeat for the other side of the screen.

6 - optional: cut 2 sticks and put in the middle of the screen door on both sides.

7 - let everything dry.

8 - trim screen.

9 - add door handle to both sides of the screen door.  let dry.  and you are done.

Here is the screen door installed in my trailer/rv.

*optional you can put hinges on the screen door if you want.

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